Applied Spot Billing System (ASBS) is a Software and Hardware package for meter reading and on-the-spot billing system.  This is the solution to improve efficiency and productivity in meter reading, work order scheduling, accurate billing, fast delivery of utility bills, fast updating of consumer data.

Since our first introduction of the Spot-Billing system in 1997, we have upgraded our hardware and software to capitalize on the latest technologies available in today’s market.


Hand Held Terminal

Text Box:    Our new Mobile PC PA966 using the latest technology and includes all the necessary features for data collection being built into an ergonomically designed and robust device to make it the choice for mobile application such as our Meter Reading and Spot-Billing Application.


After keying the current reading, the data is send from the Mobile PC to the portable printer to print the bill on-the-spot via Wi-Fi without using any cable. connectivity.      

The main features of this Mobile PC are:-

·         Uses Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003

·         Intel Xscale 400MHz Processor

·         65,000 vivid colour TFT Display.

·         2 expansion slots for memory cards and varieties of wireless communication

·         IP45 Rated Sealing.

·         1.2 meter free-drop to concrete floor.

·         Support VOIP applications.

Weighing at only 350gm with the Li-ion battery pack it can operate up to 10 hours and can be recharged at the end of the day without the worry of  “memory effect” on the battery. 


Portable Printer

                          You can depend on this durable and high

AutoShape:  performance portable printer with built in wi-fi connectivity and a printing speed of 3” per second. Its rugged design will perform well in the most adverse environment.

Weighing at 907gm (inc. battery) makes it the most ideal for mobile application such as our Spot-Billing Application.



The Software is developed by a team of  experienced Malaysian programmers with the specific needs of the Malaysian Utility Agencies in mind, like The Water Works, The Gas and Electricity Supply Board, etc. It has been upgraded many times to take advantages of the latest operating system and more powerful RBDMS. The last upgrade (Ver 601.01) was done in January, 2006.   The software can be briefly summarised under the following sub-modules:-


1)    Automatic Uploading & downloading

2)    Meter Reading & Billing

3)    Work order Scheduling

4)    Housekeeping/Maintenance

5)    Interface to host Computer




Some of the benefits derived from using this system can be briefly summarised as follows: -

CSpeed & Accuracy in billing

CMeter reading & bill delivery in one trip

CFast billing & collection cycle

CAutomatic updating save operator time

CFast update of customer files                      


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