Applied Water Revenue System(AWRS) is specifically developed for use by Water Supply Authorities. Our design team spent three months in the Water Board studying the existing procedure interviewing key personnel in each department and discussing with the board's management on ways to improve their existing operation. Thus, new specifications based on this study were defined.

Using the latest state-of-art technology and deploying local talents, the programme was developed on open system environment, using Client/Server platform to capitalise on the advantages of both latest multiprocessors Server and Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) environment.  The coding was split into the front-end graphical user interface (GUI) design and the back-end relational database management (RDBMS) data structure and procedures.  The result was the familiar and easy-to-use Windows application that runs on PC workstation with the database processes runs running in the more powerful server.

The modules available under this package are:-

    1. Water Revenue System.  

    2. Financial Accounting Module.  

    3. Human Resources & Payroll Module.  

    4. Fixed Asset Management Module.  

    5. Inventory Management Module.

    6. Management Information System

    We have acquired considerable experience in our successful implementation in the last ten years for various Water Authorities and the software has been upgraded several times to take advantage of the latest release of the O/S and RDBMS.

    AWRS has been upgraded to comply with:-

    Operating System: MS Windows Server 2003,

                                  MS Windows 2000, NT 4.0       

    RDBMS:  MS SQL Server 2005

  •     Development (RAD) tool, the specified application can be delivered in record time and is easy to maintain.

  •     Upgradeability - the system’s hardware can be easily upgraded by using off-the-shelf components since these components are parts of networks of workstations (or clients) peripherals and servers.

  •     Non-proprietary - because of the use of non- proprietary components, our clients are not bound by any vendors to maintain or upgrade the system.

  •         Easy of use - with Windows’ graphical user interface (GUI), any person can learn to use the system in a very short time.

  •         Secured - unauthorised person are prevented from accessing the system, and data integrity is guarded against illegal updates. These securities are built-into our system.

  •     Local Support - our system is developed locally, hence our clients need not worry about support which may be a problem if a foreign package is used.

  • It is recommended that AWRS be integrated to our in-house developed Applied Spot Billing System (ASBS) the meter reading & spot billing module. Please refer to our ASBS catalogue.



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