Smart Classroom - Introduction

Smart Classroom is an integrated system for class teaching, learning, communication, assessment and teaching management. The system integrates contents, communication and teaching management tools for effective lesson delivery and resource storage. It is designed and developed to be user-friendly to teachers in creating multimedia lessons.

Smart Classroom is the e-solution to traditional problems in teaching. It is the tool for planning, implementing and enhancing teaching in class. this allows teaching and learning to be conducted in an electronic environment.

Smarts Classroom provides electronic material (audio, video, text, graphics and animation), contents, ideas and tool support. Smart Classroom content is upgradeable and expendable at any time.


The Smart Classroom Solution

Smart Classroom Features


Benefits of Smart Classroom

  • ready made lessons available
  • provide ideas for teaching
  • instant teaching aids (attractive, apt, and/or animated)
  • model voice-overs / pronunciation of words, sentences or passages
  • allows customization of lessons
  • user-friendly tools to support teachers
  • modern multimedia presentations
  • able to incorporate third party contents
  • prepared lessons can be stored and shared
  • allows one-teacher-two-class teaching
  • interactive communication between two or more classes
  • administrators can fix curriculum / lesson strategies


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