Ready-made lessons

Smart Classroom offers multimedia-based ready-made lessons for subjects such as Bahasa Melayu, English, Chinese, Mathematics, Science, Chinese Mathematics, and Chinese Science.

Customisation of lesson

Teachers create their own lessons with comprehensive multimedia resources available from the resource bank. They can also customise the ready-made lessons to suit their teaching style.

Realtime Assessment

Allows teachers to assess students during and after each lesson. Teachers may create of choose questions from the question bank. Students select answers using a remote control button.


Useful tools such as Media Player, CD Player, Paint, WordPad, Sound Recorder, GB View and NotePad are easily accessible in Smart Classroom. These tools can be used for teaching as well.


Smart Classroom provides fast and efficient interclass and interblock communication channel for teachers, students, administrators and parents.

Teaching management

Smart Classroom provides a systematic approach to teaching-learning resource management such as object mapping and analysis.